Phosphorous Throne Demo cover image

Phosphorous Throne - Demo

A. Vomit Light | 8:13

B. Spit the Earth | 7:34

Total playing time | 16:23 min.

Cassette $5.50
Posted anywhere for $3.20

Aurora Australis, 2018

PHOSPHOROUS THRONE ia a new project from Solemn they Await vocalist Rhys King. The self-titled demo contains two compositions of crushing doom oozing with dread and despair.

The recording is more primitive compared to Solemn they Await, though there are similarities. The tracks are less melodic with the keyboards playing a lesser role overall. Though the tempo and vocal style can be traced back to STA.

Otherworldly horrors await, as you are offered up to the Phosphorous Throne!

Pro-cassette, limited to 150 copies.

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