black serpent Shadowside Devilcosm cover

Black Serpent - Shadowside Devilcosm

i. Nightside Awake | 6:34
ii. Nightcult Twilight | 4:06
iii. Demon Flight | 6:07
iv. Serpent Throne (Instrumental) | 5:59
v. Serpent Gate | 3:53

Total playing time | 26:39 min

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Aurora Australis, 2018

Black Serpent is a violent passage of controlled Black Death Metal chaos thru the Infernal & Celestial realms of the Nightside.

“Shadowside Devilcosm” is a collection of material from the band’s Nightpath Watchtower 7” EP & Nightside Cosmology 12” MLP.

The five offerings are intense riff orientated bestial Black Death metal mixed with grim atmosphere & haunting melodies. With Fast passages contrasted against mid-tempo droning atmosphere.

Limited Digipak release by Aurora Australis

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