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Theudho - De roep van het woud

Each version includes the following tracks:

Waar kraaien de ondergang bezingen | Where Crows praise the downfall
De roep van het woud | The Call of the Woods
De alvenberg | The Mountain of Elves
De eik van Hakiloheim | The Oak of Hakiloheim
Op de heilige ring gezworen | Sworn on the Sacred Ring
Saksenslacht | Saxon Slaughter
Slangentongen | Snake Tongues
Wolfstijd | Age of the Wolf


CD bonus tracks: Het moeraslicht | In de schaduw van de zwarte banier
Total playing time | 55:31 min

TAPE bonus tracks: De rivier der zwaarden | De Frankische strijdhamer
Total playing time | 56:44 min

VINYL bonus track: De grafheuvel
Total playing time | 47:04 min

DIGITAL bonus tracks: Het moeraslicht | Het gedrocht in de diepte
Total playing time | 54:43 min - Find here

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CD $15
Posted anywhere for $3.20

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Cassette $6.50
Posted anywhere for $3.20

theudho cover

12" LP $20
Posted in Australia $8.30

12" LP $20
Posted to New Zealand $10.20


ORDERING from Europe contact [Heidens Hart]
ORDERING from North America contact [WolfTyr]

Aurora Australis / Heidens Hart / WolfTyr, 2018

Fifth full length album of epic and melodic pagan black metal! Easily the band´s best output to date. Monumental and epic song writing, with a focus on memorable melodies. Recommended to those into Ancient Rites, Forefather, Falkenbach and of course Bathory! Released on LP, CD and cassette.

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