Ethereal Mist Wandering through the Void cover

Ethereal Mist - Wandering through the Void

i. Glorious Turmoil
ii. As their Ashes fall from the Sky
iii. Final Resurrection
iv. Mystery of the Depths
v. The Perdition Fields
vi. Homage to a Shaded Moon
vii. Apparations in the Mist
viii. Crossing the Interdimensional Bridge

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Aurora Australis, 2016

Ethereal Mist is a Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient project from Adelaide-based artist Ghoul (Azazoth of Black Metal band Entsetzlich).

"Wandering through the Void" is a compilation of the releases "Underneath the Tragic Moon", "Transcendental Wanderings" (from split with Old Burial Temple) and the tracks from the split with Vrasësinerëzve, totalling almost 80 min.

The eight tracks explore the lonely planes of some forgotten time and place which lies beyond the mist, a realm where dreams are lost and forgotten…

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