Dead Hills Ouroboric cover

Dead Hills - Ouroboric

1. The Oracle | 11:21
2. Reflection on the Water | 8:56
3. Perpetuity | 6:26
4. Shores Aflame | 13:14
5. The Mountain | 12:21

Playing time: 52:21 min

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Aurora Australis, 2015

"Ouroboric" is the debut album by South Australia´s DEAD HILLS. The release is a mix of majestic Black Metal, melodic and gliding, overlaid with gravelly guitars and vocals; reminiscent of 90´s Nordic Black Metal. Soaring on wings of menace and melancholia; it weaves and descends through unknown landscapes in bursts of beauty, aggression and dismay.

Listen to the lost souls from the borderlands; hear their cries in the accurst DEAD HILLS.

Originally released on cassette by Cloister Recordings, 2014.
Remastered by Aurora Australis, 2015.

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