Witchblood Hail to the Lyderhorn cover

Witchblood - Hail to the Lyderhorn

1. Lovord til Lyderhorn
2. Ancient Malevolence
3. Alchemy
4. Spirit´s Curse
5. Hail to Lyderhorn
6. Except of Ice
7. Solar Self
8. Repudiation
9. Witchblood
10. Funeral Pyre
11. Hexenblut
12. Frøya Invocation

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Posted anywhere for $3.20

Aurora Australis / WolfTyr / Blasphemous Terror, 2014

WITCHBLOOD represent the vengeful, fiery spirit of the witch burnt at the stake. Who are immortalized beyond the grave in legend and myth.

"Hail to the Lyderhorn" named for the witch mountain in Bergen, Norway is the band's latest release.

It´s twelve tracks are fuelled by witchcraft, ecstatic transcendence, metal intensity, and rawness. Witching Black Metal with ripping dual vocals, gruesome and tortured for fans of early BATHORY, DESTRÖYER 666

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