slow death Self-titled cover

The Slow Death - Self-titled

1. The Prodigal Son | 14:16
2. Sickness | 13:51
3. The Slow Death | 11:48
4. Grave | 12:00
5. Dark Days | 18:29

Total Running time | 1:10:24 min.

CD $15
Posted anywhere for $3.20

Aurora Australis, 2013

Reissue of the debut self-titled release by The Slow Death with Aurora Australis. Crushingly slow and torturous Death / Doom metal with members from Murkrat and Mournful Congregation.

The album ranges from Funeral Doom influenced tracks with gravelly male vocals and brutal slow guitar riffs contrasted by ethereal female vocals, to more contemporary Death / Doom incorporating some melody and reaching near mid-tempo pace.

Prominent keyboards add an eerie atmosphere to the release which is heavy and depressive throughout, though with enough variation to keep you listening to the bitter end…

Limited to 500 copies.


… The riffs are dreary and solemn despite clear melodic accents and warbling strings starting at the 4:53 mark. The third album from The Slow Death is an amalgam of differing styles of doom metal. You can discern elements of standard doom death, funeral doom, female-fronted doom, and so forth. They all come together and form a depressive and utterly crushing whole, which smothers and pulverizes the listener with grief. Nocturnal Cult Webzine

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