Convent Guilt Self-titled cover

Convent Guilt - Self-titled

1. Convent Guilt
2. Bailed Up
3. No Dawn in Lucifer´s Light
4. Killer Virgins

MCD $10
Posted anywhere for $3.20

Aurora Australis, 2013

Convent Guilt´s 2012 Demo originally released by Abysmal Sounds remastered.

Four tracks of Sinister Heavy Metal

Limited to 500 copies.


Lacerated Metal Web´Zine
Witching Metal Web´Zine
From Dust Returned
Dead Void Dreams

"I´d be the first to admit that at times my admiration for Australian metal becomes too much, which can be attested by those few pals of mine who still have the urge and patience to discuss bands and releases with yours truly. If I'd gotten a dime every time I've half-jokingly used the trademarked "They're OK, but they're not Aussies, either" phrase when a band comes into discussion then probably I'd have saved enough to afford attending the next "Evil Invaders Fest" and a jar of Vegemite, just to see what's all the buzz about. So, after that love confession of mine, it should come as no surprise I'm rating this four-song demo, even though Convent Guilt, style-wise, are a different kettle of fish compared to all the Oz bands I'm usually ranting about. In effect, this is old style heavy metal that just has the genuine charming spirit and delivery about it to rock your world for good in nearly 23 minutes. For old timers and neophytes alike this is almost as good as it gets – the playing and the riffs are really catchy, the songs are more likely than not destined to stuck in your mind with ease, in no small part I reckon, due to the vocal style used throughout the tunes. Initially the vocals might sound a tad odd but one's is quickly accustomed to them and there's a great chance you'd be humming/singing along in no time, much to your surprise no less. The energetic opener "Convent Guilt" seems to be the winner for me but make no mistake – the remaining three songs ("No Dawn In Lucifer's Light", in particular) are serious contenders too. Plus , the opening "Tombstone" sample to "Bailed Up" ( "Tell you one thing though. I never saw a rich man didn't wind up with a guilty conscience." "I already got a guilty conscience. Might as well have the money too." ) should convince you these guys are officially cool. [7,5]" (Vladimir Petrov, Dead Void Dreams)

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