wither necropolis cover

Wither - Necropolis

I. Sonar Sphere
II. Chromatic
III. Lament
IV. Damage & Loss
V. Cosmos
VI. Seeming
VII. Lost
VIII. Transpression

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Aurora Australis, 2012

It is immeasurably inspiring to find an album with such a unique and refined vision as Wither have done with their debut Necropolis. Majestic and ghostly, the album is a phantasmagoria projecting hazy figurations unparalleled in their dismal and hopeless nature.

Wither´s unique atmosphere began to take shape on their debut split with the appropriately paired German funeral doom titans Worship, followed by the development of a stronger black metal influence on their self-titled EP; the band presented a foundation based on the work of fellow countryman Abyssic Hate as well as funeral doom staples Thergothon and Skepticism.

However, Necropolis presents a compelling development in sound with the integration of influences from 80´s post-punk/goths such as The Sisters of Mercy, as well as an undeniable nod to the unshakably compelling minimalism of Brave Murder Day´s instrumentation.

In these dark days there are very few albums push up through the morass of lazy and uninspired metal being released, but Wither´s debut is undoubtedly one of the few. Not to mention that the utterly sorrowful atmosphere is elevated to new heights by Kogaion Art´s bleak cover design.

Ultimately, this may be the most vehemently dispirited and emotionally crushing album to see the pale moonlight since the likes of Alloy and Suicidal Emotions.

Limited to 500 copies.


… the band can not be simply put under the mere DSBM umbrella anymore, for this melancholic beast has taken its metamorphose into more unique form and sound. Dead Void Dreams 8.5/10

… becomes more hypnotic the more I listen. From the Dust Returned 7.5/10

… in three words: sombre, poetic, ghostly Slow End (French)

… great sounding hybrid of depressive black metal, funeral doom, and gothic rock … Recommended OccultBlackMetalZine

…with misery drenched vocals and the riffs are so pleasantly depressive and tortured, that it´s impossible not to come away from this album feeling a little more unhappy than you did going into it. Worm Gear

…a very diverse and depressing sound, this band will surely put you on suicide watch after listening to 50 minutes of brilliant Funeral Doom with some Black Metal and Gothic Rock elements. Infernal Masquerade

…Take BMD-era Katatonia, take modern "post-rock meets black metal" guitar screeches, take the gloomiest pits of funeral doom, take growls and howls, take goth rock, post-punků Kaleidoscope

…It´s a beautiful album, one that´s progressive which is always, always appreciated and the band is doing something unique even now. The melancholic Doom Metal influences are also there, making it an interesting combination, sprawling songs with Black Metal underpinnings, infused with Post-Punk airiness. Transcending Obscurity

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