Ein Skopudhr Galdra Mistsorrow split cover

Ein Skopudhr Galdra / Mistsorrow

Ein Skopudhr Galdra
1. Woden Rising
2. Draugadrottin

3. Misty Sojourn
4. The Stormgrounds
5. A Rememberance Piquant Scents from across the gently flowing Stream
6. Reprise / Unfamilar Scapes

Digipak CD $15
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Aurora Australis, 2012

Ein Skopudhr Galdra unfolds a hypnotic journey of living ritual.
A dream that drifts into shadow, darkness, ecstatic fury.
Coiling and uncoiling in psychic shadow,
avant garde, atmospheric, and extreme influences
pulse through atavisms of mystery and the old god Woden.

Mistsorrow perform epic neo-classical passages
against the hum and grind of melancholic atmosphere.
Steeped in natural beauty, against a reeling resonance,
like the sad song of the horn against the mist…
Echoes of Neptune Towers and Burzum´s Dauði Baldrs
can be heard in the distance.

Digipak limited to 500 copies.


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