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Theudho - War into the World

1. War Into The World (edit) | 05:04
2. Terror Cimbricus | 05:42
3. The Raven Flies North (Vort cover) | 04:45
4. For All Those Who Died (Bathory cover) | 04:28

Total playing time | 19:59 min.

Digital download: [Download] | [Release Sheet]

Aurora Australis, 2011

"War into the World - Cantuum Et Armorum Tumultus", is the brand new EP of Flemish pagan metal band THEUDHO available now as a free download. Their first release since 2009 is the prelude to the "When Ice Crowns the Earth" album, the title track being a tribute to the mythological origins of warfare in the history of gods and man alike.

"When Ice Crowns the Earth," due out November 2011, promises a more guitar driven sound, more diverse songwriting, a technical precise execution of the music and a better production, to deliver THEUDHO’s best album to date.

Recorded and mixed at Þrúðvangr, Flanders / Belgium between October 2010 and July 2011. Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound, Sweden. Artwork and layout by Jurgen.

Band Website | Wotan Klan

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