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image of voluspaa asa album cover


AAR 001. February 2010
National Romantic Norwegian Black Metal

image of theudho treachery album cover

THEUDHO "Treachery" 12" LP

AAR 002. July 2010
Blackened Pagan Metal from Flanders

image of voluspaa av sin klokskap single cover

VOLUSPAA "Av Sin Klokskap"

AAR 003. July 1010
National Romantic Norwegian Black Metal
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image of trollgasm tape cover

TROLLGASM "Demos" Cassette

AAR T1. October 2010
Folk / Viking / Black Metal from Australia

ragnarok of ages album cover


AAR 004. March 2011
Black / Folk Metal from Great Britain

theudho war into the world cover

THEUDHO "War into the World - Cantuum Et Armorum Tumultus"

AAR 005. October 2011
Black / Pagan / Thrash Metal from Flanders
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theudho when ice crowns the earth cover

THEUDHO "When Ice Crowns The Earth" CD

AAR 006. February 2012
Black / Pagan / Thrash Metal from Flanders

Ein Skopudhr Galdra Mistsorrow cover


AAR 007. July 2012
Dark Ambient / Experimental / Neo Folk

image of wither necropolis album cover

WITHER "Necropolis" CD

AAR 008. October 2012
Black Funeral Doom

image of convent guilt self released album cover


AAR 009. March 2013
Sinister Heavy Metal

image of estrangement belong beneath tape cover

ESTRANGEMENT "Belong Beneath" Cassette

AAR T2. June 2013
Funeral Doom Metal with classical influences

image of theudho waelcyrge split cover


AAR 010. June 2013
Black / Pagan / Thrash Metal from Flanders

image of the slow death debut cover

THE SLOW DEATH "Self-titled" CD

AAR 011. July 2013
Australian Death/Doom

image of dead river runs dry winter 2012 cover

DEAD RIVER RUNS DRY "Winter 2012 / Live at Evil Invaders" Cassette

AAR T3. August 2013
Australian Black Metal

image of the aevangelist esoterica cover

"To the Dream Plateau of Hideous Revelation" ÆVANGELIST / ESOTERICA split CD

AAR 012. October 2013
Experimental Black Death from the United States

image of the coffin lust beyond the dark cover

COFFIN LUST "Beyond the Dark" MCD

AAR 013. October 2013
"Beyond the Dark" comprises of 4 tracks of Morbid Death Metal inspired by the early works of bands like Grave, Autopsy, Dismember, Nihilist etc.

image of the witchblood hail to the lyderhorn cover

WITCHBLOOD "Hail to the Lyderhorn" CD

AAR 014. June 2014
Witching Black Metal, with ripping dual vocals, guesome and tortured. Witchblood represent the vengeful, fiery spirit of the witch burnt at the stake and immortalised beyond the grave in myth and legend.

Samain The Return of the Natural cover

SÁMAIN "The Revenge of the Natural" MCD

AAR 015. July 2014
Sámain´s "The Revenge of the Natural" is a three-track conflict of battle-pitch rage, alienation and age-old Gaelic sorcery. Completely remastered from the original cassette release of 1997.

image of the draconic infernum sacriligious eradication cover

DRACONIS INFERNUM "The Sacrilegious Eradication" Pro-tape

AAR T4. July 2014
Draconis Infernum return with its third full length album with 8 tracks of Asian Black Metal maddness. Featuring an Impiety cover and a Urgehal cover with Hans Fyrste (Ragnarok/Svartjern) on guest vocals.

image of Tyrannic Macabre Festival of Nosophutos cover

TYRANNIC "Macabre Festival of Nosophutos" Pro-tape

AAR T5. September 2014
Three howling winds of heavy metal darkness emerging from an ethereal sepulchre

crone self titled digipak cover

CRONE "self-titled" Digipak CD

AAR 016. November 2014
From the depths of despair come 4 tracks of Doom Metal from Australia´s "Crone".

gol ritually unshriven cover

GOL "Ritually Unshriven" pro-tape

AAR T6. November 2014
Black Death from Queensland, Australia. "Ritually Unshriven" is Gol´s fourth release following their album "Appaller" (2011), "Come to Dust" EP (2009) and demo "Concupisentia" (2008).

Baalberith Drightenlands Storming Through the Gate of Knowledge compilation image

Baalberith "Drightenlands / Storming Through the Gate of Knowledge" CD

AAR 017. January 2015
Compilation of two long out of press releases from Baalberith who arose during the nineties Black metal scene in Australia.

Stone wings bird of stone wings cover

STONE WINGS "Bird of Stone Wings" CD

AAR 018. April 2015
Re-release of the long out of press STONE WINGS debut album.

Dead Hills Ouroboric cover

DEAD HILLS "Ouroboric" CD

AAR 019. May 2015
Debut album by DEAD HILLS, a mix of majestic Black Metal, melodic and gliding, overlaid with gravelly guitars and vocals; reminiscent of 90´s Nordic Black Metal.

funerary pit titan sea cover

FUNERARY PIT "The Titan Sea" Pro-tape

AAR T7. June 2015
After an eight-year silence FUNERARY PIT return with their debut album "The Titan Sea", brutal, all-demolishing, miserable and hymnic at times, your every hope and expectation placed on their continuity, resolutely fulfilled.

solemn they await sanctuary in the depths cover

SOLEMN THEY AWAIT "Sanctuary in the Depths" CD

AAR 020. July 2015
Debut album by SOLEMN THEY AWAIT. Funeral Doom from Australia slow, heavy and oppressive!

old burial temple inner temple mutilation cover

OLD BURIAL TEMPLE "Inner Temple Mutilation" Digipak CD

AAR 021. October 2015
Dark Wave Ritualistic Meditation Music. Collection of all OLD BURIAL TEMPLE´s demos "Old Burial Temple", "His Majesty Upside Down", tracks from the split with K.F.R "All is All" plus new material.

der nacht sacrifices cover

DER NACHT "Sacrifices" CD

AAR 022. October 2015
Debut album by DER NACHT. Cold, raw Black Metal from Tasmania.

Into Coffin Black Ascensiona cover image

INTO COFFIN "Black Ascension" Pro-tape

AAR T8. November 2015
Two lengthy tracks of Death/Doom, slow, dark and gritty, by INTO COFFIN who hail from Marburg, Germany.

mara seidr cover

MARA "Seiðr" CD

AAR 023. November 2015
From the dark recesses of the forest comes an ancient evil back to life, MARA. The band´s debut album "Seiðr" focuses on Scandinavian paganism with an anti-cosmic touch.
Unleash the dark forces of cold Swedish Black Metal… sample here [You Tube]

ethereal mist cover

ETHEREAL MIST "Wandering through the Void" CD

AAR 024. January 2016
Ethereal Mist is a Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient project from Adelaide-based artist Ghoul (Azazoth of Black Metal band Entsetzlich).
The eight tracks explore the lonely planes of some forgotten time and place which lies beyond the mist, a realm where dreams are lost and forgotten…

anatomy witches of dathomir cover

ANATOMY "The Witches of Dathomir" CD

AAR 025. March 2016
"The Witches of Dathomir", originally by Bleed Records (1999) with Hellcunt (Bestial Warlust, Gospel of the Horns, Vomitor) and Chris Masochist of Gospel of the Horns fame. The album includes a cover of "The Exorcist" by Possessed and the studio demo from September 1998 as a bonus.

beithioch Aisling Dhorcha cover

BEITHÍOCH "Aisling Dhorcha" CD

AAR 026. April 2016
Beithíoch, meaning "animal" or "beast" in Irish, represents the instinctive and terrible in man. Coming from Ireland´s north-west, Beithíoch are an ancient-obsessed admixture of Black/Doom Metal with Dark Ambient atmosphere.

sanguinary misanthropia blodison cover


AAR 027. May 2016
"Blodison", the second full length emanation from Australia´s Sanguinary Misanthropia, is hated-filled militant death metal supremacy, surging with aggression, violence, and an all powerful will to dominate and destroy the weak and worthless.

Witchblood Sorceress of the Black Sun cover

WITCHBLOOD "Sorceress of the Black Sun" CD

Aurora Australis / WolfTyr. June 2016

entasis evil rise cover

ENTASIS "Evil Rise" CD

AAR 028. June 2016
ENTASIS were an early Death Metal band from Australia featuring members who went on to CORPSE MOLESTATION, BESTIAL WARLUST and BLOOD DÜSTER. "Evil Rise" is a complete anthology of the band from the first demo in ´92 featuring vocalist Tonebone of Blood Düster to "Blasphemy and Fire" in 1995 shortly before the band´s demise.

hecatomb collection cover

HECATOMB "Untitled" CD

AAR 029. September 2016
From the grimy, cobweb filled archives of Australian extreme metal wafts the putrid, rotting odur of Hecatomb. A band who existed in the early 90s and played a mix of Death metal with Grindcore and Doom influences.

Into pandemic holocaust curse all flesh cover image

PANDEMIC HOLOCAUST "Curse All Flesh" Pro-tape

AAR T9. May 2017
Australian Black/Death Metal in the vein of DEIPHAGO, REVENGE, CONQUEROR.

morbus sacer demo mmxiii cover image


AAR T10. May 2017
MORBUS SACER from Australia combine the intricate guitar riffs and structure of Grand Belial's Key with the savage blast-beat ferocity of Conqueror.

gol habit entwined in horns cover image

GOL "Habit Entwined in Horns" Pro-tape

AAR T11. January 2018
With scattered bones and blood upon the Altar, the trinity of GOL return with their second full length album. Wretched and primal hymns delivered with a sound hearkening back to the Black Metal Art of yore.

anatomy where angels die cover image

ANATOMY "Where Angels Die" CD

AAR 030. March 2018
Recorded in 1995 "Where Angels Die" is call from original True Australian Black Death Metal Underground now re-released after two decades.

phosphorous throne demo cover image


AAR T12. July 2018
The self-titled demo contains two compositions of crushing doom oozing with dread and despair.

catacomb following the call cover image

CATACOMB "Following the Call" CD

AAR 031. August 2018
Catacomb arose in Brisbane in the late nineties. The band played a fast but evocative style of Black Metal drawing influences from Emperor, Satyricon and Enslaved. Following the Call is a collection of the bands works.

theudho De Roep Van Het Woud cover image

THEUDHO "De Roep Van Het Woud" LP / CD / Cassette

AAR 032. September 2018
Fifth full length album of epic and melodic pagan black metal! Easily the band´s best output to date. Monumental and epic song writing, with a focus on memorable melodies. Recommended to those into Ancient Rites, Forefather, Falkenbach & of course Bathory!

black serpent shadowside devilcosm cover image

BLACK SERPENT "Shadowside Devilcosm" Digi CD

AAR 033. August 2018
Black Serpent is a violent passage of controlled Black Death Metal chaos thru the Infernal & Celestial realms of the Nightside. “Shadowside Devilcosm” is a collection of material from the band’s Nightpath Watchtower 7” EP & Nightside Cosmology 12” MLP.

pandemic holocaust womb ripping genocide cover image

PANDEMIC HOLOCAUST "Womb Ripping Genocide" CD

AAR 034. September 2018
"Womb Ripping Genocide", the debut full length album from PANDEMIC HOLOCAUST, is savage, raw Black/Death Metal in its most aggressive and chaotic form.

gol wolves at candlemas cover tape image

GOL "Wolves at Candlemas" Pro-tape

AAR T13. November 2018
GOL errupts from the burning altar with their third opus of antediluvian savagery "Wolves at Candlemas"

gol wolves at candlemas cover compact disc cover image

GOL "Wolves at Candlemas" CD

AAR 035. May 2019
CD version of Gol's third opus "Wolves at Candlemas"

reaper of gloom ende cover image


AAR 036. August 2019
Reaper of Gloom is a mysterious project that has lurked in the shadows since 1995. Influences of CMI and power electronics are unmistakable in the ten offerings presented on ENDE. Black Noise torment devoid of happiness. Despair!

Lor battle of winter night cover image

LOR "Battle of Winter Night" Digi CD

AAR 038
Black Metal from Canberra circa 1997-2001. Lost now found. A choice collection of the band's three recordings, the unreleased album "Obscurus Regnum" (as Avathalor) and the demos "Darkness Feasts by Night / Stygian Forest" and "Battle of Winter Night".

PAROXYSMAL DESCENT Manifest Attrition cover image

PAROXYSMAL DESCENT "Manifest Attrition" CD

AAR 039
The second full-length album from Paroxysmal Descent. Six original tracks sculpted from the skin of haunted dreams.

In Production…

Paroxysmal Descent Lacerae cover image


AAR 037
After 10 years of silence, Paroxysmal Descent presents "Lacerae" EP, which includes four original tracks and an Absurd cover.
Dismal Black Metal horror in the vein of Abyssic Hate and Selbstmord.
Orginally released by Darker than Black on CD in 2018, soon to be released on 10" vinyl in conspiracy with Abysmal Sounds.

Other Projects…

∇ Collection of early material by DESTRUKTOR

∇ Repress of first three THEUDHO releases: Treachery, The Völsunga Saga and Cult of Wuotan; as well as a compilation of the bands demos and early material.

∇ Collection of early releases by ASTRIAAL