News for November 2019…

ill omen sigil patch image pandemic holocaust logo patch image

PANDEMIC HOLOCAUST "Logo" and ILL OMEN "Sigil" patches now available! $5 each + post

News for September 2019…

PAROXYSMAL DESCENT Manifest Attrition image

PAROXYSMAL DESCENT "Manifest Attrition" CD now available! $15 + post

News for August 2019…

lor battle of winter night image

LOR "Battle of Winter Night" Digipak CD now available! $16 + post

reaper of gloom ende flyer image

REAPER OF GLOOM "Ende" CD $15 AUD + post

News for May 2019…

GOL - Wolves at Candlemas CD

gol wolves at candlemas image

GOL "Wolves at Candlemas" Available on pro-tape and CD

News for September 2018…

THEUDHO - De roep van het woud LP / CD / Tape

theudho De roep van het woud image

Theudho "De roep van het woud" LP / CD / Tape now available!

PANDEMIC HOLOCAUST - Womb Ripping Genocide CD

pandemic holocaust womb ripping genocide flyer image

Pandemic Holocaust "Womb Ripping Genocide" CD now available! $12 + post

News for August 2018…

BLACK SERPENT - Shadowside Devilcosm

black serpent shadowside devilcosm image

Black Serpent "Shadowside Devilcosm" Digipak CD now available! $16 + post

CATACOMB - Following It's Call

catacomb following its call image

Catacomb "Following It's Call" CD now available! $15 + post

News for July 2018…


phosphorous throne flyer image

Phosphorous Throne demo pro-tape available now! $5.50 + post

News for March 2018…

ANATOMY - Where Angels Die

anatomy where angels die cover

News for January 2018…

GOL - Habit Entwined in Horns tape
BESTIAL WARLUST backpatch and VEILED logo patch

Gol Habit Entwined in Horns image

Gol - Habit Entwined in Horns pro-tape available now! $5.50 + post

beastial warlust long live death back patch image veiled logo patch image

BESTIAL WARLUST - Long live Death! backpack $15
VEILED - Logo patch $5

News for November 2017…

COMING SOON: GOL - Habit Entwined in Horns tape

gol habit entwined in horns cover

News for August 2017…

New patch - MOON 'Render of the Veils'

spear of longinus black sun society patch image

News for May 2017…

KULTURKAMPF "Conqueror Genesis" cassette

kulturkampf conqueror genesis cover


morbus sacer cover

PANDEMIC HOLOCAUST "Curse All Flesh" cassette

pandemic holocaust cover

News for February 2017…

spear of longinus black sun society patch image

New patch: Spear of Longinus - B.S.S.

pandemic holocaust curse all flesh cover

Coming Soon: Pandemic Holocaust - Curse All Flesh tape

News for September 2016…


hecatomb cover
decrepit soul angel death patch image decrepit soul coming war patch image
midnight odyssey logo patch image

New patches: Decrepit Soul and Midnight Odyssey

News for August 2016…

deathcult logo patch image relentless logo patch image
denouncement pyre patch image

New patches: Destruktor and Denouncement Pyre

News for June 2016…

evil rise cover

ENTASIS "Evil Rise" CD

News for May 2016…

Sanguinary Misanthropia Blodison cover


News for April 2016…

beithioch Aisling Dhorcha cover

BEITHÍOCH "Aisling Dhorcha" CD

News for March 2016…

anatomy witches of dathomir cover

ANATOMY "The Witches of Dathomir" CD

News for January 2016…

ethereal mist wandering through the void cover

Ethereal Mist "Wandering through the Void" CD

News for November 2015…

mara seidr cover

Mara "Seiðr" CD

Mara Logo patch also available $5 AUD and post

into coffin black ascension cover

Into Coffin "Black Ascension" cassette

Two lengthy tracks of Death/Doom, slow, dark and gritty, by INTO COFFIN who hail from Marburg, Germany.
Shaped logo patch also available.

News for October 2015…

old burial temple inner temple mutilation cover

Old Burial Temple "Inner Temple Mutilation"

Dark Wave Ritualistic Meditation Music. Collection of all OLD BURIAL TEMPLE´s demos "Old Burial Temple", "His Majesty Upside Down", tracks from the split with K.F.R "All is All" plus new material.

der nacht sacrifices cover

Der Nacht "Sacrifices"

Debut album by DER NACHT. Cold, raw Black Metal from Van Diemen´s Land.

News for August 2015…

deathcult logo patch image
relentless logo patch image
tyrannic logo patch image

New patchs: Deathcult, Relentless and Tyrannic

News for July 2015…

solemn they await sanctuary in the depths

Solemn they Await - Sanctuary in the Depths

Funeral Doom from Australia. Slow, heavy and oppressive…

News for June 2015…

decrepit soul logo patch

Decrepit Soul - Logo patch

Logo patches for Australian Black Death Metal band Decrepit Soul. $5 AUD + post

funerary pit the titan sea cover

Funerary Pit "The Titan Sea" cassette

After an eight-year silence FUNERARY PIT return with "The Titan Sea", brutal, all-demolishing, miserable and hymnic at times, your every hope and expectation placed on their continuity, resolutely fulfilled.

News for May 2015…

loits shaped logo patch

Loits - Shaped Logo patch

Shaped logo patches for Estonian Black Metal band Loits. $5 AUD + post

Dead Hills Ouroboric cover

Dead Hills "Ouroboric" CD

Debut album by Dead Hills, a mix of majestic Black Metal, melodic and gliding, overlaid with gravelly guitars and vocals; reminiscent of 90´s Nordic Black Metal.

sanguinary misanthropia scythe patches image
sanguinary misanthropia loathe patches image

Sanguinary Misanthropia "Scythe of Death" + "Loathe over Will" patches

News for April 2015…

Stone wings bird of stone wings cover

STONE WINGS "Bird of Stone Wings" out now!

Crushing Australian Doom / Death Metal. Re-release of the long out of press Stone Wings debut album from 2003.

News for March 2015…

STONE WINGS "Bird of Stone Wings" due early May

Stone wings bird of stone wings cover

On the horizon…

Dead Hills "Ouroboric" CD

Funerary Pit "The Titan Sea" pro-tape

News for January 2015…

Graveland "The Celtic Winter" + Warriors patches

graveland patches image

News for December 2014…

Baalberith "Storming Through the Gate of Knowledge / Drightenlands" CD

Baalberith Drightenlands Storming Through the Gate of Knowledge cover

Baalberith were an Australian Black Metal outfit who formed in the mid 90´s with a sound reminiscent of the first Emperor MLP, early Burzum etc.

News for November 2014…

Gol "Ritually Unshriven" cassette

gol ritually unshriven cover

Black Death from Queensland, Australia. "Ritually Unshriven" is Gol´s fourth release following their album "Appaller" (2011), "Come to Dust" EP (2009) and demo "Concupisentia" (2008).

Mastered by Aphotic Mote of Portal and released on pro-cassette.

Crone "Self-titled" digipak CD

crone self titled digipak cover

From the depths of despair come 4 tracks of Doom Metal from Australia´s CRONE.

Originally released on cassette by Abysmal Sounds (2013), Crone´s debut album has been remastered and released on a limited digipak by A.A.

News for September 2014…

Theudho "Wargus Sit!" digital EP

image of theudho wargus sit cover

Latest single from Theudho available for download now.

"Wargus Sit!" features two covers in the anti-authoritarian spirit, "Police Informer" by The Exploited and "They Lie, You Die" by Discharge. Download at

New Patches: Grafvitnir and Gnosis of the Witch

Tyrannic "Macabre Festival of Nosophutos" cassette

image of tyrannic macabre festival of Nosophutos tape cover

TYRANNIC return with their second demo, "Macabre Festival of Nosophutos". Three howling winds of Heavy Metal Darkness emerging from an Ethereal Sepulchre. Pro-cassette, limited to 100 copies.

On the horizon…

Gol "Ritually Unshriven" pro-tape

Crone "self-titled" Digipak CD

Baalberith "Drightenlands / Storming Through the Gate of Knowledge" CD

Dead Hills "Ouroboros" CD

News for July 2014…

Draconis Infernum "The Sacrilegious Eradication" Tape + patch

image of Draconis Infernum The Sacrilegious Eradication cover

Draconis Infernum return with its third full length album, "The Sacrilegious Eradication" with eight tracks of Asian Black Metal madness. Including a URGEHAL cover with Hans Fyrste (SVARTTJERN / RAGNAROK) on guest vocals and IMPIETY cover. Pro-tape limited to 100.

Innsmouth "Consumed by Elder Sign" 12" LP

Innsmouth Innsmouth Consumed by Elder Sign CD cover

New release from Abysmal Sound. Follow link above for info and ordering.

Sámain "The Revenge of the Natural" MCD

samain the revenge of the natural cover

News for June 2014…

Sluggard "Self-titled II" cassette

sluggard self titled II flyer cover

New release from Abysmal Sound. Follow link above for info and ordering.

Draconis Infernum "The Sacrilegious Eradication" cassette

Draconis Infernum The Sacrilegious Eradication cover

Pro-tape coming soon. Sample available on above link.

Witchblood "Hail to the Lyderhorn" CD

witchblood hail to the lyderhorn

Witchblood "Hail to the Lyderhorn" CD $15 / Logo patch $5 or CD + patch $18

witchblood hail to the lyderhorn

News for May 2014…

New patches: Grave Upheaval

Grave Upheaval "Sigil" embroidered patch available in bronze or bleached bone.

grave upheaval sigil bronze grave upheaval sigil bone

On the horizon…

Witchblood "Hail the Lyderhorn" CD co-released with WolfTyr + Blasphemous Terror

Draconis Infernum "The Sacrilegious Eradication" pro-cassette

Tyrannic "Macabre Festival of Nosophutos" pro-cassette

Crone "self-titled" CD version of debut album

News for March 2014…

Distribution: Dead Hills "Purgatory / Winds of Time" cassette

Atmospheric Black Metal from "ancient, long-forgotten and dead landscapes" of Australia. Pro-cassette limited to 200 copies

New patches: Bloodlust and Heresiarch

News for January 2014…

Innsmouth "Consumed by Elder Sign" CD

News for December 2013…

New Patches: Ævangelist, Denoucement Pyre, Esoterica, Spear of Longinus + Symptom

Crone "Self-titled" cassette

Kulturkampf "White Pillars" cassette

News for October 2013…

"To the Dream Plateau of Hideous Revelation" Esoterica / Ævangelist split CD

Coffin Lust "Beyond the Dark" MCD

New Patches: Coffin Lust + Branikald

Myrddraal "Surrounded by Unlight" CD

News for September 2013…

Estrangement - Skeleton / Logo T-Shirt

Estrangement - Skeleton T-Shirt
White print over black Gildan t-shirts. Limited quantity

New patches: Eskhaton, Kulturkampf + Paroxysmal Descent

Eskhaton "Devilment" woven patch design from forthcoming 7" EP to be released through Nuclear Winter Records

Paroxysmal Descent "Empty the Earth" woven patch

Kulturkampf - Logo embroidered patch from Abysmal Sounds.

Erebus Enthroned + Sanginuary Misanthropia cassettes

Erebus Enthroned "Night´s Black Angel" cassette from Abysmal Sounds. Limited to 100 copies

Sanginuary Misanthropia "Of Death and Genocide" cassette from Ordained in Darkness. Limited to 100 copies

News for August 2013…

Dead River Runs Dry "Winter 2012" Cassette

Dead River Runs Dry´s demo "Winter 2012" with live tracks from Evil Invaders 2013 as a bonus. Australian Black Metal. Limited to 100 copies on pro-tape.

News for July 2013…

Entsetzlich logo patch made through Aurora Australis

Entsetzlich logo cloth patch

Entsetzlich logo patch $5 AUD.

The Slow Death - Self-titled

slow death self titled

Reissue of the self-titled release by THE SLOW DEATH. Crushingly slow and torturous Death / Doom Metal with members from Murkrat and Mournful Congregation. $15 AUD

New patches: Temple Nightside and Drohtnung

Temple Nightside shaped cloth patch
drohtnung cloth patch

News for June 2013…

Theudho / Waelcyrge - Split 7" EP

Split release from Flemish bands Theudho + Waelcyrge. Following the release of their recent single "Niðr ok Norðr", Theudho return with the track "Niðing" continuing with heavier thrash elements found on recent releases. They are joined by countrymen Waelcyrge, with a self-titled track, who released their debut album "Nithstang" late last year.

Standard + diehard versions available. Limited to 250 copies, 100 coloured vinyl.

New patches: Grave Upheaval, Moon and Abyssic Hate

grave upheaval backpatch
abyssic hate logo cloth patch
moon logo cloth patch

Grave Upheaval shaped logo $10 AUD, Abyssic Hate "Cleansing of An Ancient Race" $5 AUD, Moon Logo $5 AUD.

Estrangement "Belong Beneath" Cassette

Classical influenced FUNERAL DOOM, featuring among its instrumentation cello, piano, classical guitar and punishingly deep and guttural vocal expulsions, ESTRANGEMENT´s music aims to trigger a sense of losing time in the listener.

Pro-tape and artwork. Limited to 250 copies.

News for May 2013…

Portal "Nyarlathotep" Poster flag

portal nyarlathotep flag image

Portal "Nyarlathotep" poster flag 60 x 90 cm.

News for April 2013…

Kulturkampf - Vanguard

Kulturkampf Vanguard cover

Abysmal Sounds. Kulturkampf - Vanguard Pro-cassette

Kulturkampf´s 2nd cassette "Vanguard" offers 35 minutes of arcane black metal and ambience. Thick, textured covers. Black cassettes with white print on shell. :Samples:

Grave Upheaveal - Self-titled MLP

grave upheaval self titled mini lp

Abysmal Sounds. Grave Upheaval demo pressed on 12" MLP

Asphyxiated invocations are bellowed from beyond the void; a harbinger of malefic lore, contagion and rites of forgotten necromancy which transcend the limits of death. :Samples:

New Patches: Denoucement Pyre + Portal

Select images for more info

News for March 2013…

Convent Guilt demo on CD

convent guilt album image

Convent Guilt demo remastered. 4 tracks of sinister Heavy Metal

Sample and more info here […]

News for February 2013…

Innsmouth - Pan t-shirt

innsmouth pan tshirt image

More info here…

News for December 2012…

Consummation - Self-titled

consummation self titled image

Click image for more information

Vehement Black Metal | Self-titled pro-cassette released through Abysmal Sounds

Churning and chimeric, the many heads of the Outer Drakon seep through the tumultuous undulations of the self-anointed Animus as an offering to the Self. Demo cassette released through Abysmal Sounds, with a full length imprecation to be released at a later date. "Having come from the light and from the gods, here I am in exile, separated from them"

Theudho / Waelcyrge - Split 7" EP

Split release from Flemish bands Theudho + Waelcyrge due in February 2012.
Following the release of their recent single "Niðr ok Norðr", Theudho return with the track "Niðing" continuing with heavier thrash elements found on recent releases. They are joined by countrymen Waelcyrge, with a self-titled track, who released their debut album "Nithstang" earlier this year.

New Patches: Funerary Pit "Unholy Death Metal" | Convent Guilt "logo"

Aurora Australis

Abysmal Sounds

News for November 2012…

Theudho "Niðr ok Norðr" Single

Official music video for the Theudho track "Niðr ok Norðr", taken from the album
"When Ice Crowns the Earth" (2012).

Download the free single "Niðr ok Norðr", by clicking the image below. (external link)

theudho nidr ok nodr single image

New Patches: Portal "Tempus Fugit" |
Innsmouth "Blue Mountains Metal of Death" Patches

Abysmal Sounds

Aurora Australis

Kulturkampf "March through eternity" cassette

New from Abysmal Sounds! Click image for further information and sample

kulturkampf march through eternity image

News for October 2012…

Wither "Necropolis"

After many years in the making, Australia's Wither have finally cursed us with an utterly crushing debut Necropolis. Following the development initiated by the split with German funeral doom masters Worship, and carried forward with their self-titled EP; the debut boasts the integration of subtle influences as diverse as 80's post-punk/goths The Sisters of Mercy, and Katatonia's monumental Brave Murder Day. This may very well be the most vehemently dispirited and emotionally crushing album to see the pale moonlight since the likes of Alloy and Suicidal Emotions. Out now!

wither necropolis cover

Spear of Longinus "Domni Satnasi" patch

spear of longinus domni satnsi patch cover

Patches available from Australia´s "SPEAR OF LONGINUS". [See details here]

News for September 2012…

Portal patches

Aurora Australis will release three patches from Queensland’s Black / Death legends “Portal”. Amazing Cthulhu imagery for the first two designs “Nyarlathotep” and “Cthulhu rape” below. Click images for more info

News for August 2012…

Sinister new releases from Abysmal Sounds.


Convent Guilt "Demo" and Devil Ancestry "At the Seat of Evil Ecstasy" available from the links above.

News for June 2012…

Spear of Longinus "Nada Brahma" patch

Cloth patches available from Australia´s "SPEAR OF LONGINUS". [See details here]

spear of longinus nada brahma patch image

News for April 2012…

Innsmouth / Mongrel’s Cross - Split 7" EP

Released 20 April 2012 - Limited release of 300 copies - available now.

flyer innsmouth mongrels cross image

Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne - 20th April 2012: Cauldron Black Ram / Mongrels Cross / Spire

abysmal sounds poster 10 april 2012 image

News for February 2012…

Changes to website

We are in the process of updating the website over the next few weeks. During this period if you are unable to find something due to broken links please [email] us.

Stock updates will now appear in our new [blog]. The blog also has an RSS feed which can be subscribed to.

See [blog] now for February stock update!

Cauldron Black Ram "The Poisoner" Maxi-EP jewelcase version

theudho when ice crowns the earth cover image

News for January 2012…

Theudho "When Ice Crowns the Earth" CD

theudho when ice crowns the earth cover image

"When Ice Crowns the Earth", is the fourth full-length album of THEUDHO. With a more guitar driven sound, more diverse songwriting, a technical precise execution of the music and a better production, THEUDHO deliver us their best album to date.

From the thrashing madness of "War into the World" to the haunting darkness of "Niðr ok Norð " over the eerie "Lokabrenna" to the blasting aggression of "The Straw Death" and everything in between, there is no doubt that THEUDHO has reached a new peak.

Further information [here] or [eCard] for samples.

News for December 2011…

Cauldron Black Ram "The Poisoner" Maxi-EP, Misery´s Omen patches and Johnny Touch T-Shirts

New releases by ABYSMAL SOUNDS now available (distributed in Australia by Aurora Australis)

cauldron black ram poisoner maxi cover image

Cauldron Black Ram - The Poisoner Maxi-EP

Cauldron Black Ram ejaculate unto your ears, 4 abrasions… 4 oblations… nay, 4 grand destructive dirges to taint the blood and heart rot-black!

An ear pummeling follow up to the "Slubberdegullion" full-length (released by Weird Truth and Blood Harvet in 2010). Unlimited Jewel Case version of "The Poisoner Maxi-EP" to be released by Abysmal Sounds in early 2012 and the Vinyl version by Parasitic Records in 2012.

"The Poisoner Maxi-EP" will burst open your stereo speakers, stride into your room and molest indiscriminately, bent on the simultaneous pleasure and pain of all in earshot. Olden schooled classic Australian DeatHeavy Metal since 1996.

miserys omen hope dies patch image

Misery´s Omen - "Hope Dies" patch

Design in gold woven onto black material, with an overlocked edge.

johnny touch tshirt image

Johnny Touch - "Fight For it!" T-Shirt

Available in White or Red (S to XL) and girlies in grey.

News for October 2011…

Theudho "War Into The World" digital EP

theudho war into the world cover image

"War Into The World - Cantuum Et Armorum Tumultus," is the brand new EP of the Flemish pagan metal band THEUDHO available now for free download. Their first release since 2009 is the prelude to the "When Ice Crowns the Earth" album, the title track being a tribute to the mythological origins of warfare in the history of gods and man alike.

"When Ice Crowns the Earth," due out November 2011, promises a more guitar driven sound, more diverse songwriting, a technical precise execution of the music and a better production, to deliver THEUDHO´s best album to date.

theudho war into the world ecard image

News for August 2011…

Irminsul Patches

irminsul patches image

Woven logo cloth patches available in Red or White from Sweden's "Irminsul". Sew on, woven patch, measuring 10 x 10 cm. Image is woven onto patch, not printed. [See here]